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Anavar and its Results

Numerous performance enhancing athletes supplement with the popular DHT anabolic steroid Anavar for a few very simple reasons; Anavar results in a better physique and can provide this end with minimal to no side-effects. No, the Oxandrolone hormone that is Anavar is not one of the more powerful anabolic steroids we have available; if you’re looking for big gains in size this is not the steroid for you. Even so, while it is not a powerful mass builder Anavar results can be very beneficial to the dieting athlete; in-fact, this is one of the few anabolic steroids we will more or less label as a primary cutting steroid regarding male anabolic steroid use. Of course when we consider the female athlete things begin to change. Without question it will still be the dieting or cutting phase that benefits a woman more so than anything else but due to their sensitive nature, when coupled with solid off-season training Anavar results can lend to solid gains in lean tissue. Further, as the steroid will not cause any water weight gain any weight gained due to use will be that of pure 100% muscle tissue.

Primary Anavar Results:

When we diet the basic goal is to lose body-fat but when we’re dieting for physique or athletic related purposes that’s not good enough, we need to lose body-fat while preserving lean muscle tissue. This can be a very difficult task as the only way we can lose body-fat is by consuming fewer calories than we need and as a result muscle tissue will be burned. The key to successful dieting is minimizing this tissue loss while simultaneously burning body-fat and with supplemental use of Anavar results of this nature can be obtained. Further, while the hormone can lend to this end, while we will be preserving more lean tissue while becoming leaner our metabolism becomes even more enhanced as we go along thereby allowing us to burn even more body-fat. It is a win, win situation.

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So what are the specifics, what are the primary Anavar results? Through supplemental use of the Oxandrolone hormone tissue preservation is the ultimate benefit but when all benefits are added together then you really begin to understand how valuable this anabolic steroid can be. The primary Anavar results include:

  • Tissue Preservation when Calories are Restricted
  • Enhanced Metabolic Rate
  • Decreased Levels of Stress Hormone (Glucocorticoid Hormones)
  • Increased Hardness
  • Preservation of Strength when Calories are Restricted

Anavar Results for Women:

The same Anavar results listed above are good for both men and women but there needs to be a little more discussion regarding female use. Anabolic steroid use in women can be very dangerous as it can destroy their femininity but there are a few steroids they can use that will provide results while not leading to this end. Oxandrolone is one of these few such steroids, so much so many have labeled it “The Girl Steroid” due to its high beneficial nature in women and well-tolerated use. Of course the steroid can be used by men but when we examine it down to its core this steroid is more beneficial to woman than men; that’s simply the truth.

Of course we must state, adverse effects can still occur; while Anavar results are highly beneficial there will be women who respond in a negative way. Most all women who supplement responsibly will not have a problem but as we are all unique individuals there will be those, all though a minority who show negative symptoms. If you supplement with Anavar and begin to show symptoms of virilization discontinue use immediately and you will see the symptoms fade away rapidly. If you ignore the symptoms and continue use you will more than likely see the symptoms become permanent, at least to a degree. Most women and by most we do mean the strong majority will be fine with 10mg per day for 6 week periods of use; some may even tolerate 20mg per day but 10mg will be our gold standard.