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As you scour the internet for Anavar reviews you’ll often find a problem; although the problem exists many are completely unaware. The problem with many Anavar reviews is simply the very information. Often the information is slanted with half-truths and predetermined emotional bias and regardless of what the truth at hand may be these factors hide it and often destroy it. Many of these Anavar reviews will slant the actual hormone itself; if this occurs then the review at hand is utterly useless. Think about it; if you go to a website that reviews cars but the basic information about a specific car is off-base then how can you take anything said afterwards even remotely seriously? Obviously you can’t. Then there’s the other problem; the hormone may be presented in a correct fashion but because of a predetermined hatred, lies simply abound and often lies of an absurd nature. Such lies are easy for a well-educated individual to spot but most do not have a strong steroidal education and such lies are often taken as truth.

Of course there is one more problem we often find when surveying various Anavar reviews; simple misinformation based on steroidal myth perpetuated by anabolic steroid users themselves. Often these myths can be traced back to a slew of inaccurate message board information; it starts on one board and transcends to the next and on and on it goes. For example, for years many performance enhancers have believed Anavar is a perfect bridging steroid as it will not suppress natural testosterone production; we can assure you this is not only a myth but an outright lie. Even so, because it has been stated so many times and by so many seemingly educated individuals hundreds if not thousands believe it and the myth then appears in one of the many Anavar reviews.

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Before you search and take to heart any of the various Anavar reviews and there are thousands of them there is some basic and general information you need to have in your arsenal of understanding. Simply understanding the hormone itself is a fine place to start. No one is saying you need to know all the ins and outs but you will need a basic understanding. In this line of thinking we are concerned with a few simple things, functioning properties, both good and bad, benefits and to a degree protocol of use. Without such information it is impossible to distinguish between good and bad Anavar reviews. The best tool you have at your disposal is a educational steroid website that displays full anabolic steroid profiles. Many of these profiles are often quite complex and can be hard to understand but just as many of them are written in a simple and easy way to understand.

The Foundation of all Anavar Reviews:

Any and all Anavar reviews you find will be based on factual data regarding the hormone; any review lacking in this regard or more importantly, any review that presents such facts in a distorted manner is not worth your time. The basic Anavar facts of this nature include:

  • Anavar is the most popular brand name for the steroidal hormone Oxandrolone
  • Anavar is an oral C17-Alpha Alkylated (C17-aa) anabolic steroid
  • The Oxandrolone hormone is a Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) derived anabolic androgenic steroid
  • While toxic to the liver due to its C17-aa nature Anavar is milder on the liver than most oral steroids
  • The active half-life of the Oxandrolone hormone is approximately 9 hours
  • The Oxandrolone hormone does not aromatize
  • Anavar cannot cause Gynecomastia or lead to excess water retention as it does not aromatize
  • Anavar can increase blood pressure and cholesterol levels although very rare in healthy individuals who supplement responsibly
  • As a DHT based anabolic steroid hair-loss is possible in men who are predisposed to male-pattern baldness. Those who are not predisposed will not lose any hair and even those who are will find this steroid mild in this nature
  • The Oxandrolone hormone can cause symptoms of virilization in women but rarely so in women who supplement responsibly

These are the basic facts and any of the Anavar reviews you find that spin these facts are not worth your time and should be placed in the waste bin of your memory.

Fact and Fiction:

The biggest problem you’ll find when reading Anavar reviews is writers and posters claiming effects that are impossible regarding this steroid. You’ll find claims of horrific cases of Gynecomastia, those who experienced insane increases in aggression and violent behavior. You’ll find individuals who claimed to gain massive amounts of weight due to the hormones use, who claim to have bloated severally and when you see such claims run for you the hills as all of these effects are impossible with the Oxandrolone hormone. The truth is simple; if you can understand the basic foundational principles as discussed above, if you can read as many solid profiles as possible then you’ll understand what this hormone can and cannot do. Do these things and you’ll be able to find and spot high quality Anavar reviews.